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Driving Records

Instant Florida Driving Records (MVR)
3 year - $9.00,    7 year - $11.00,    Complete (11 year) - $12.00

Typically includes driver's name, physical description, license information, infractions, restrictions and suspensions recorded by the DMV during the requested record period. Record provides a license status of eligible or ineligible.

Driving Records for States other than Florida : States and Fees
Each state has it's own fees and input requirements. This instant report typically includes driver's name, physical description, license information, infractions, restrictions and suspensions. These reports are available to employers screening their own employees or applicants, and to insurance companies/agencies for underwriting or claims purposes.

Florida Driver License Verification Report : $3.00
This instant report provides the status of a person's Florida Driver License and includes the most current address on file with the Florida DMV. These reports are excellent for Attorneys, Investigators and the Insurance industry, as well as other organizations that need to verify address information in a cost effective manner.

Batch processing Available-Florida Only
If your company needs to run lists periodically of its Florida drivers, batch processing is for you. Simply email us a list of your Florida Driver License numbers in a Excel format. We will batch process your request and email your reports to you in a PDF format.

Florida Vehicle Records

Instant FloridaVehicle/Vessel/Mobilehome Ownership
and Lien Reports : $1.50

Records can be retrieved by VIN, Tag, or Title Number. Record shows vehicle description, owner and registrants name and address and lienholder information.

Florida Auto Insurance Verification Report : $3.75
This instant report provides current insurance information on vehicles to confirm personal injury and property damage coverage. These reports are excellent for insurance claims/subrogation, legal litigation and investigators representing Law Firms and Insurance Companies.

Criminal History Searches

Instant Multi-State Criminal Database Search Including the Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Registry : $10.50
This instant report is compiled from record information from correctional facilities, county records and various court records and includes a check of the Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Registry with felony convictions. The report is properly used to detect convictions not disclosed by applicants.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) : $26.00
This report shows the charges, dates of arrest and disposition of the cases reported within Florida. The report is usually returned in 2-3 business days.

Criminal Search by County : Fee and turnaround times
Criminal background searches are available for every county in the nation. This is an in-person search of criminal records at the primary court location for that county. This report may contain both felony and misdemeanor information, and includes the charges and disposition of each charge, file date, sentence and disposition date and identifying information of the individual. Our fee includes all court access fees.

Other Background Reports